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Tom D'Evelyn on Poetry and Its Others (philosophy, theology, poetics)

In Time Immemorial: Longley’s Daffodils

How does a very small poem persist in time immemorial? In the last century, the concept of metaxy or the In-Between (or just “the between’) has been explored at great … Continue reading

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Kathryn Maris

  This page contains several essays on poems taken from God Loves You by Kathryn Maris See author’s comments on her poem “The Assembly” TK 1. “Knowledge is a Good … Continue reading

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Celan’s Transcendent Form

  Reading Celan, we may have to speak of form and transcendence together. Here is a short lyric written almost immediately after his return from Jerusalem in 1969. The translation … Continue reading

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Milosz on the “Moment”

  Form as Guest: Milosz on the Moment or “A form accomplished” From “At Yale,” Collected Poems, 516. Whenever we think of what fulfills itself By making use of us, … Continue reading

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Hass’s most famous poem and nihilism

Robert Hass, “Meditation at Lagunitas” Discussing apophatic form (or the question of nihilism in poetry), I often refer to meditation as a relevant discipline. I do not mean to suggest … Continue reading

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Zagajewski’s Concert

Here’s a poem from Adam Zagajewski’s 2011 collection, Unseen Hand (translation Clare Cavanagh): At intermission a man in a corduroy jacket emerges from backstage, lays his hands on the piano … Continue reading

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Zero at the Bone: Dickinson’s Metaphysical Moment

Emily Dickinson’s “A Narrow Fellow in the Grass”: A narrow Fellow in the Grass Occasionally rides – You may have met him? Did you not His notice instant is – … Continue reading

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Building a New Poetics, Word by Word

  The “fertile void” is the central concept in a poetics. It echoes the Chinese concept of “dark enigma” (see Zhuangzi) but it refines it through the modern discourse on … Continue reading

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Who Says So?: Considering the roots of the life of freedom in poetry

“Tyrannical say-soing Gods both reflect and produce tyrannical say-soing humans” says the contemporary Irish philosopher William Desmond in God and the Between (page 256). Say-so? I say so. One of … Continue reading

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Oswald’s “Hymn to Iris” and Nothingness

With Kathryn Maris, Alice Oswald is among the contemporary poets who explore the paradox of nihilism in our time. As paradox, this is by nature a “difficult” topic; treating it … Continue reading

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